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Bill J. McCarley, BBA, BSEE, MA
Bill McCarley - LinkedIn 512.750.5428 • bill@co-evolution.com

Linda C. McCarley, PhD
Linda McCarley LinkedIn 512.413.4907 • linda@co-evolution.com

Bill and Linda McCarley created the idea for co-evolution in 1982 while on a trip driving cross country from Texas to California. Bill was contemplating leaving "corporate america" and Linda was in a graduate program in Psychology at The Fielding Institute. They knew they were committed to helping people evolve in their lives and understood that this is best accomplished when done together and with others forming the name... co-evolution.

A little more than a year later Linda had completed her Doctorate Program and had started a practice in Psychology with her high school friend and fellow Fielding Graduate, T. Flint Sparks, Ph.D. They worked together as partners in their newly formed Westlake Psychology Center.

On December 7, 1983, Bill decided it was finally time to leave his management position at Texas Instruments and commit full time to the realization of their idea for a company dedicated to co-evolution. Bill used his education and business background to develop a business consulting practice while attending the University of Texas graduate program in Leadership and Organizational Development.

In 2000, Linda and Flint dissolved Westlake Psychotherapy Center, and she joined Bill to consolidate their efforts under the one name of their company co-evolution.