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Einstein No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

From the beginning of my career in consulting, I knew that for things to change in a person's business or personal life it would be necessary for that person to change more than what they DO... a person must change the way they think. The limiting factor in people's level of success in their own consciousness... as Einstein suggests, they must change their consciousness; the way they think and perceive.

Einstein For things to change... FIRST you must change.

I first heard Tony Robbins say this in 1984... he was 24 years old at the time. We had walked on hot coals under his guidance and teaching... Fear Into Power. The Firewalk Experience. It was a remarkable event that reoriented my reality. If I could do the "impossible" and walk on hot coals without burning my feet, what else was possible!

The biggest key is personal responsibility. Without assuming responsibility, without owning that you have the power and ability to create, choose, and attract whatever you want and need, you become a victim. It is very difficult to be a victim and be a success. Being a success requires that you have the power and can assume the position of being the cause of things instead of being at the effect of others or circumstances. So first and foremost is being Responsible!

Recommendations from others

  • “I have utilized Bill McCarley for various business consulting assignments over the past 25+ years. He has provided me advice and guidance which has advanced both my personal and business life beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Bill, but only if you are prepared to confront your life and make significant change.”
    Bill Shopoff

  • “My husband and I worked under Bill's guidance and wisdom for over two years. During that time our income tripled to over $300,000 annually while at the same time we strengthened our marriage and overall life style. We only stopped working with Bill when we adopted our son and had twin girls. We still use the concepts, ideas and tools today that we studied under Bill. Learn from a man that teaches Multi-Millionaires.”
    Kelly Fabros

  • “The decision to work with Bill has been one of the most significant and impactful ones that I have made in my life. The experience has given me a level of freedom and power that I could not have imagined previously. The benefit of this continued working relationship has been an increased ability to confront the issues that prevent me achieving my business and personal goals. Bill has the ability to ask questions that simplify and clarify situations, allowing almost immediate transformation and action. I can link significant financial gains and increased effectiveness to working with Bill. I fully endorse and recommend Bill if you desire to move your business and life to the next level.”
    John Kennedy

  • Working with Bill is a life changing experience. Bill doesn't just encourage you to work through your existing obstacles, rather he redirects you to look at the obstacles from an entirely different perspective which results in changing EVERYTHING at a deeply profound level. Not for the timid of heart but for those ready to make a radical change in their life!”
    Ann Vogel

  • “Whatever you have tried will not measure up to what Bill can accomplish for you in the area of discovering your own potential. Words can not describe his philosophy or his mix of expertise. If you enter open minded, sky is the limit.”
    Christine Harvey

  • “We heartily recommend Bill McCarley and his mentoring program. We were fortunate to be his clients for two years and in that time, because of his creative talent for expanding our thought, we grew as a married couple and as individuals. The effect Bill has had on our personal and business lives is ongoing, and we feel tremendously blessed to have experienced his caring wisdom.”
    Kean and Kris Pitcairn

  • “I've worked with Bill in several personal and professional capacities. I've been a client of his for therapy, a member of some of his personal growth groups, and have engaged him to speak to organizations of which I've been a part. Bill is an eclectic thinker with a deep perspective on many issues, and he deals honestly but caringly with his clients. I always found myself enriched after time spent with him.”
    Ted Smith, Principal, Ted Smith Associates

  • “Bill is a personal and Business consultant! Expert in the field of both, and will grow you and your business in ways that EVEN you did not realise that you needed, as well, and especially in areas that intuitively believed that you could. Highly Recommended.”
    Kiran Asher

  • “I can honestly say that life hasn't been the same since my husband and I started working with Bill over 4 years ago, he has helped us move our lives forward on every level. We have enjoyed huge personal and professional gains, increased financial success, and an ability to align our actions with our true desired outcomes. Bill has the unique skill of turning your world upside down with a single question - the good news is where we landed was always better than where we started out.”
    Ciara Kennedy

  • “Bill has been invaluable to me as a mentor and consultant. I can say without hesitation that he has helped me change my personal life and business life for the better. There's no one I would trust more for guidance in my life.”
    Craig Barron

  • “Bill has had a tremendous influence on my professional and personal success, based on his amazing mix of insight, artful analysis, and business savvy. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone in need of his motivational and career coaching (both of which fail to describe his complete services).”
    Alan Greenberg

  • “Bill is excellent at what he does - helping people get out of their own way. His ability to cut right to the truth is unparalleled. I have recommended him to many of my family, friends and clients because of the tremendous gains I have made in my life.”
    Trudi Bonomi

  • “We were fortunate to work with Bill during a difficult transition period. His insight, guidance and understanding of what was necessary moment to moment were key. Moreover, Bill's true gift is getting the individuals within an organization to see for themselves what is possible and then execute upon the same. Hire Bill!”
    Phil Vogel

  • “Bill has changed and improved everyone’s life that he touches. He is brilliant at what he does. I can’t imagine anyone doing it better. He helps people see the truth and he can cut through "the stuff" fast. He is extremely efficient which ultimately saves his clients money. Everyone I know who has worked with Bill has had huge gain. My life has been altered forever because I worked with Bill. In the area of personal growth, working with Bill is the best thing that ever happened to me.”
    Lois Goodman